Living in Downtown Ithaca

Living in Downtown Ithaca

For those living in - or looking to live in - Downtown Ithaca, you won't be disappointed with what's available!

New housing projects are underway in downtown Ithaca; Breckenridge Place is a brand-new apartment building featuring one- and two-bedroom apartments available at very affordable rents. Seneca Way is a brand-new luxury apartment building featuring one- and two-bedroom apartments with incredible views of the city. If you're searching for housing space, be sure to click the "Real Estate & Rental Companies" tab in the left sidebar for more information!

Concerned about finding enough to eat in downtown Ithaca? We're sure you'll find the right meal, as Downtown Ithaca offers over 50 restaurants, bars, gourmet food stores, and pizzerias! Greenstar Oasis is a small grocery store inside the Dewitt Mall offering take home meals and other basic necessities.

As a resident of downtown Ithaca, enjoy being within walking distance of the historic Ithaca Commons! From Chili Cook-off and Winter Festival to the Summer Concert Series, downtown Ithaca is a busy place year-round. Catch a film at Cinemapolis or attend a concert at the State Theatre any day of the week!

Downtown Ithaca is home to over 100 unique stores that offer a wide array of options for every individual. Specialty shops offer customers products that you'll have a tough time finding anywhere else! And with more than a dozen art galleries, you'll never need to leave!

Still have reservations about living downtown? Stop in and have a chat with a business owner to see why they're in downtown Ithaca. Or give us - the Downtown Ithaca Alliance - a call and we can discuss your needs and connect you with the right people! 607-277-8679!