Downtown Ithaca 2020 Strategic Plan

The Downtown Ithaca Alliance’s Ten-Year Development Strategy – also known as the 2020 Strategic Plan – serves as a blueprint for downtown growth and development from the period 2010 – 2020. The 2020 Strategic Plan’s goal is to provide a vision for the future of downtown Ithaca and to identify the necessary steps to realize this vision.

The 2020 Strategic Plan outlines the underlying “big ideas” that guide downtown Ithaca policy decisions. It recommends specific quantitate and qualitative goals for the next ten years. It details action steps and items that need to be undertaken to realize the 2020 vision for downtown Ithaca. The 2020 Strategic Plan will identify potential development sites and recommendations for downtown zoning amendments.

“The district…must serve more than one primary function; preferably more than two.”Jane Jacobs, The Death of Life of Great American Cities (1992, 1989), p.150

The 2020 Strategic Plan was first prepared in 2009 and later revised in 2010. It was adopted by the Downtown Ithaca Alliance Board of Directors and and endorsed by the City of Ithaca Common Council in 2010.

The 2020 Strategic Plan consists of eighteen (18) separate categories; each category has its own action items, tasks, and policies.

A copy of the 2020 Strategic Plan can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Please email the Downtown Ithaca Alliance at with questions or feedback!

Downtown Ithaca 2020 Strategic Plan

American Institute of Architects’ SDAT Visit Report

The American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Communities by Design visited Ithaca September 20-23 in 2010. Working with Ithaca community members, this group – known as a Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) – provided broad assessments to help frame future policies and sustainability solutions.

Please click the link below to see the AIA SDAT Visit Report:

AIA SDAT Visit Report

Downtown & Diversity: Our Commitment

Downtown Ithaca is the community’s center. It is the hub of our region’s commerce and the center for social and communal interaction. It is everybody’s neighborhood, not the domain or jurisdiction of any single group of people.

“What attracts people most, it would appear, is other people”William H. Whyte, The Social Life of Urban Spaces (2001), p.19

It is important, indeed imperative, that downtown Ithaca retain this distinction. Diversity is an important and necessary part of the downtown experience. We count on everyone – business owners, employees, landlords, downtown residents, and downtown patrons – to make diversity an organic part of our downtown community.

Please click the link below to see downtown Ithaca’s full diversity statement:

Downtown & Diversity: Our Commitment

City of Ithaca Comprehensive Plan

PLAN ITHACA, the City of the Ithaca’s comprehensive plan, was adopted by the Common Council on September 2, 2015. The plan is a vision for the future and a blueprint for change, particularly as it relates both to the physical growth of the city’s buildings, streets, and infrastructure and to the retention and enhancement of quality of life elements, such as parks, neighborhoods, and social equity. The following link will connect you to the City of Ithaca’s Comprehensive Plan webpage: PLAN ITHACA