Community Arts Partnership – June Virtual Exhibit

CAP ArtSpace, Tompkins Center for History & Culture 

110 N. Tioga St. | CAP Website

Jessica Stratton, Resilient

Jessica’s exhibit of photography and mixed media focuses on her experiences with chronic illnesses and how they have affected her body and spirit. The exhibit features Jessica’s mixed media and photography works, along with a conversational work titled “resilenceRSVP” that written statements sharing her and others’ stories of resilience and perseverance. “My work is rooted in the physical breakdown of the human body alongside the persistence of the human spirit. Investigating my own illnesses in a series of visual works led me to the realization that being repeatedly broken and put back together resulted in my tenacious character. Instead of being ashamed of my weaknesses, I began to take pride in them. Seeing how my life experiences shaped who I have become, I began to wonder: What makes us resilient? How do we embody trauma and move forward? My work is biographical but aims to honor how we collectively endure.


View Resilient Here: