Collegetown Bagels
301 E. M.L.K. Jr. St., City Centre
(607) 273-2848
Sunday - Wednesday: 6:30am-8:00pm
Thursday - Saturday: 6:30am-9:00pm

It all began with a bagel. Collegetown Bagels, to be exact. For over 20 years, stacks of excellent bagels have formed the foundation of the Brous & Mehaffey stores, now numbering five Ithaca locations.

A family business, Brous & Mehaffey grew from two bagel stores, on College Avenue and Aurora Street. By 1983, CTB Appetizers was in place, as a gourmet deli and full-service catering center focused on fine specialty foods.

Seven years later, the acquisition and renovation of the 80-year-old Ithaca Bakery added both a centrally situated, highly visible and high-traffic location, and a fully equipped bake shop capable of turning out traditional, restaurant-style Italian bread as well as dozens of delicious, creative new artisan breads and pastries.

Today, the stores serve daily waves of Ithacans from every walk of life and dazzles travelers passing through our fair city. Customers find sustenance from a simple cup of good coffee to super sandwiches, exquisite entrées and the most ornate, customized cakes they can imagine. But more, they enjoy an exciting, ever-evolving environment built on good service, tantalizing taste temptations and an ongoing welcome with a local touch and a cosmopolitan vision.

Online ordering and call-ins are available for pickup orders. Make sure that your picking up from the N. Aurora St. location!

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One Ring Donuts
114 W. Green St.
Saturday-Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Features freshly baked, locally made and seasonally inspired donuts. Its donut recipe is actually made with potatoes – giving it a decadent texture that we cannot WAIT to share with you. (yes gluten free! yes vegan! as well as good ol’ gluten-full.)

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