Hands On Physical Therapy
215 N. Cayuga St. Suite 77, Dewitt Mall
(607) 256-2603
Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:30pm

Hands on Physical Therapy is a physical therapy office specializing in Trigger Point Therapy. Trigger points develop in response to stress or injury in a muscle. They can be a primary source of pain, a component of pain, or can contribute to other myofascial dysfunctions. Trigger points usually refer pain to areas other than the point of injury, and can mimic other diagnoses. Beth Paris, PT and LMT, has been working with chronic pain and other injuries in her trigger point treatment since 1979.

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Sea Change Massage
120 W. State Street Suite 5
(607) 256-WELL
Please call for appointment.

Sea Change Massage provides an integrated model of healthcare for downtown residents and workers alike. Providers specialize in treating chronic musculoskeletal conditions, and coordinated care with other members of a client’s healthcare team. As the only facility in Ithaca providing massage therapy through the VA (Veterans Administration) for service people, Sea Change has a special focus on treating veterans.

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The Relaxation Point
(607) 379-1639
By Appointment only

The relaxation point, commonly referred to as “The Relaxation Response”, is the moment when the body finds within itself an avenue or an ability to open up, unwind and let go. When this happens, pain cycles may begin to be interrupted, if even for a moment.

This moment, this happening, is the conscious or unconscious beginning of awareness to the self and the healing process.

In terms of massage as therapy, through Trigger Point Therapy, Kinesthetic Awareness through Movement, connective tissue work, general Swedish and other modalities, Joseph Karl Holmgren (LMT) seeks for this moment to begin within each client in hopes that finding the relaxation point may assist in their own personal healing, centeredness and self awareness for a better way of living.

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