Meet Tim Gray at Comics for Collectors

Tim Gray talking with a customer

Meet Tim Gray at Comics for Collectors

Before the stories between superheroes, superheroines, and villains became movie box office smashes, our only means of learning about their epic tales was by reading comic books.  Even now, to truly know the stories of these fictional figures, fans have to turn to the sequential juxtaposed panels of a comic book. So, how to get your hands on these stories?  At Central New York’s oldest comic book store, Comics for Collectors.

Tim Gray is the owner of Comics for Collectors, central New York’s oldest comic book shop.

Founded by Tim Gray and Bill Turner in the 1980s, Comics for Collectors features an extensive selection of the latest comic books, graphic and young adult novels, manga, collectible toys, and games. The store, celebrating its 38th anniversary this year, specializes in comics from independent and small press publishers; however, it also carries more popular comics from mainstream publishers, like Marvel and DC Comics.

Gray, who took on full ownership of the shop in the early ’90s,  is, to no surprise, a comic book superfan. He’s been reading comics since he was a kid and can tell you in great detail the backstories of nearly every superhero and he’s highly knowledgeable about the comic book world’s authors and illustrators. He takes a lot of pride in owning this specialty shop, helping other avid comic readers find their favorite comics, and introducing the younger generations to these tales.

“Comics books have been popular for a long time, but the recent resurgence of comic characters in the media has definitely helped people find a newfound appreciation for the niche market. I really enjoy connecting with different people, talking to them about their comic book collections, introducing them to new authors. It’s a lot of fun,” says Gray.

When Gray isn’t working at the shop, he’s busy dog training, learning about local history and shopping for antiques. He also has a passion for helping in the community. He has previously served as a board member for the Downtown Ithaca Alliance,  Ithaca Festival, The Comic Book Club of Ithaca, and Ithacon.

For more information about Comics for Collectors, stop by the shop at 207 N. Aurora Street, next to Collegetown Bagels.





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