Handwork -June Gallery Night

102 West State St.

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Live pottery demonstration by Renata Wadworth, Friday, June 5, 2020 – 6pm

Renata Wadsworth, Ceramics Artist

Renata Wadsworth has been working with clay since 1997. She learned to throw on the wheel at the Rochester Folk Art Guild in Middlesex, NY where she apprenticed for nearly 8 years. After that, she spent a few years honing her skills while working for numerous production potters and began to develop her own evolving body of work in 2006. Renata built and learned to fire 2 wood kilns and was published in ‘Wood Fired Ceramics, 100 Contemporary Artists’. She is a member of the Ithaca Farmers Market, Handwork Artisan Cooperative and a founding member and host Potter for the Finger Lakes Pottery Tour. Her work can be found in private collections across the country as well as several stores and galleries.

Artist Statement:

I make pots because I love forming clay into something visually pleasing and undeniably functional. I want to make pots who have a purpose but am simultaneously drawn to the challenge of creating an object balanced in a way that it’s worth is not measured by purpose alone. I sketch 3 dimensionally with clay between my fingers when I have new ideas. I take a lot of risks- it keeps things new and interesting, so much is learned from the failures and I thoroughly delight in the successes. Clay brings with it endless possibilities along with numerous technical challenges. I mainly work with a custom porcelain clay that encourages the effects I strive for with my carbon trap Shino glazes. These glazes respond with such sensitivity to the atmosphere within and outside of the kiln. The variation of surface tells a clear story of where a piece has been and how air, moisture, and flame have traveled around it. I add predictable brushstrokes and accents before relinquishing control to the elements that breathe life and magic into the pot.