Handwork – September Window Display + Demo Video!

102 West State St.

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Stephen Landau and John Chamberlain, Turned Wood Bowls

The work of Handwork members Stephen Landau and John Chamberlain will be on display in Handwork’s front window for the month of September. Learn more about the wood turning process and how Stephen Landau’s bowls take shape from start to finish in our short film directed by local videographer Marilyn Rivchin.

“Turning a bowl involves a spinning block of wood and a sharp tool; added to this is a dance that the turner and his gouge perform with the wood. The dance is controlled by the eyes continuously assessing the form as it develops and directing every part of the body to make fine adjustments, in order to refine the shape and to respond to what the wood is communicating to the turner.”

Watch Steve Landau make a bowl!

STEPHEN LANDAU, woodworker and member of the Handwork Cooperative in Ithaca, New York, creates a wooden bowl, demonstrating his process from cutting a log, to truing, shaping, hollowing and sealing. After a year’s curing, he completes a bowl by rounding it again and giving it an oil finish.