City to resume parking enforcement & institute reduced parking fees starting June 26th

A message from the City of Ithaca …

City of Ithaca will resume parking enforcement & institute reduced parking fees starting June 26th

The City of Ithaca will resume enforcement of parking meters starting on Friday, June 26.

Enforcement of on-street parking and garage fees has been suspended in response to the New York State PAUSE that was enacted on March 22 by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

As of June 26, all zones previously charging a $1.50 per hour rate will now be temporarily reduced to 50 cents per hour for ParkMobile Users and Pay Station users until further notice. ParkMobile’s 35 cents convenience fees are still in effect. Coin-only (aka lollipop) meters will continue to charge $1.50 per hour; however, ParkMobile can be used in any location where coin-only meters are in place.

The use of the Parkmobile App became available in the City of Ithaca in August 2015. The Parkmobile app allows drivers to pay for parking with their smartphones using Parkmobile’s mobile applications for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry phones. By paying through the Parkmobile App, you will not need to pay at a pay station. For more information on Parkmobile, visit

Additionally, free parking will be available for one (1) hour, in all City-owned parking garages — Green Street, Seneca Street, and Cayuga Street. After you’ve received the first free hour, you’ll be charged $1 per hour.

Plus, the City of Ithaca has partnered with Downtown Ithaca to create the following downtown curbside locations where businesses can conduct short-term curbside delivery service for free while their customers remain in the comfort of their own vehicle.

• Seneca St. and Buffalo St. both near the Dewitt Mall
• Tioga/Seneca St. at the Commons
• Cayuga St. at the Commons
• Aurora St. at the Commons
• Green St. in front of Press Bay


City of Ithaca
Eric Hathaway, Director of Transportation and Parking