Meet Marc Luchs at Odyssey Wellness

Meet Marc Luchs at Odyssey Wellness

If you’re living with pain and/or struggling with the symptoms of a medical condition, or simply looking for a way to help you relax, you’re likely a perfect candidate for acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medical technique in which practitioners stimulate specific points on the body—most often by inserting thin needles through the skin.

Cornell University alum Marc Luchs, a licensed acupuncturist, regularly offers this service as his business, Odyssey Wellness.

Marc Luchs, a licensed acupuncturist, performs an acupuncture treatment on a client. Here, he is strategically placing a needle in his client’s neck.

As a Classical Chinese Medicine practitioner, Luchs draws upon 70 acupuncture channels, whereas a Traditional Chinese Practitioner has only 14 at their disposal.  These additional acupuncture channels in his toolbox are very effective at addressing chronic illnesses including autoimmune conditions. As well as emotional holdings, lineage issues, and acute trauma such as burns, bruises, and general pain.

“My teacher’s main lineage dates back to 260 Common Era (CE) and includes Sun Si Miao (581 CE to 682 CE) and Ge Hong (283 CE to 343 CE), two of Chinese Medicine’s most revered doctors of antiquity.  He also inherited leadership of the International Tai Chi Association from Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing, the inventor of the Yang Style Short Form. This is all to say, the root of what I have studied couldn’t be more authentic, but it’s up to me to apply what I have learned, and continue to learn, as well as I can.  The goal in the end is always to make the medicine my own,” says Luchs.

In addition to providing acupuncture, Luchs is also trained to perform Gua Sha, a gentle rubbing technique that treats muscular aches and pains; often used on the upper back, shoulders and neck, areas of relatively weak circulation; Moxibustion, technique that warms and promotes circulation; and cupping, a technique of placing glass cups over the back, typically to treat pain.  U.S. Olympic Michael Phelps promoted and used this technique while training for the 2016 Summer Olympics .

“Witnessing other people’s healing journeys, and my own in the process.  My teacher, Jeffrey Yuen, has often said that if at day’s end a healer isn’t at the top of the list of the people he’s helped, he’s not doing his job properly.  Encouraging a patient’s sense of personal responsibility is central to healing, and that begins with the healer,”says

Marc Luchs, a licensed acupuncturist, performs a cupping technique on a client at his practice in the Dewitt Mall.


You can find Luchs practice on the first floor of the historic Dewitt Mall at 215 N. Cayuga Street near the corner of E. Seneca in downtown Ithaca.

“I appreciate the historical significance of Dewitt Park as the original Commons of Ithaca and the adjoining Dewitt building, former Ithaca High School, where I practice.  I like knowing that both Martin Luther King Jr. and Frederick Douglass have stepped foot in Dewitt Park,” says Luchs”

When Luchs isn’t busy practicing the ancient medical treatments, he enjoys writing songs for and performing with a local band called the Car People or spending time with his girlfriend and/or his dog.

You may have seen Odyssey Wellness featured on WENY and in the Ithaca Journal, but you can learn more about this specialty business online at

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