Meet Layne Dann at Gee June Bridal

Meet Layne Dann at Gee June Bridal

For brides to be, Ithaca locals and beyond, the first step to finding the perfect gown is visiting Gee June Bridal in Press Bay Court. As you step in and start to vision what your wedding will look like, the designer, and owner, who will help you through every step of finding the right gown is Layne Dann.

Layne is originally from Saratoga, NY and grew up in Homer, NY. After having lived and worked in Fashion from New York to LA, Ithaca was an easy transition for her considering that she was moving “home” to begin Gee June.

Owner and Designer of Gee June Bridal, Layne Dann, works on a gown.

Layne has been in the Fashion Industry for 15 years. She relocated to Ithaca in 2010 after working as a Corporate Designer and Colorist in New York City and Los Angeles. Layne then began two years of market research before opening Gee June Bridal as a side business in the Winter of 2012.  In 2015, Layne designed a collection for New York Fashion Week and transitioned into having a full time business. From there, she stepped back and focused on alterations to get a sense of where big business dress production trends were headed and to better understand the kind of dresses she would like to carry in a shop someday.

In 2018, Layne was one of the winners for the Downtown Ithaca Alliance and Urban Core, LLC’s Race for the Space II competition. With that, Gee June Bridal officially opened it’s doors last November in the new Press Bay Court. Previous to opening the brick and mortar boutique they were studio based and focused on making custom gowns, veils, and bridal inspired adornments. Today, Gee June Bridal features custom gowns, finished and in progress, throughout the shop and next to independent and mainstream Designers such as New York Designer Jenny Yoo and London based Designer Catherine Deane. Gee June also houses monthly trunk shows of smaller, independent design houses. The boutique also carries accessories, such as Twigs and Honey, which are a line of handmade bridal adornments from Portland, Oregon, and feature Christine Elizabeth pieces – a jeweler out of Elmira, NY.

Layne says that Gee June is special because it is a product of the times. “Some may say that we have more technology than we know what to do with, and we end up wasting time on our phones, but at our roots we miss the ‘olde’ ways. Yet, we want it all: The ‘laborious’ old and the ‘convenient’ new. At Gee June one can have the new byway of off-the-rack and made-to-measure gowns from coveted designers, or we can rebuild an old gown into something new. Or we can give the ultimate luxury: Custom. A gown, veil, or adornment made specific to a person who knows that no other, ever, will have what they commissioned to be made in the old way using materials they gave or picked out,” Layne says.

Located in the newly developed Press Bay Court, Layne loves being in the heart of the Downtown Community. “I enjoy the culture. I love the ecosystem. Downtown Ithaca is a gem because it allows me to continue experiencing my favorite parts of New York (SOHO and Museum Mile) and California (Laguna and Pasadena) on and around the Commons, be acquainted with culture and customs I hadn’t given thought to, and see and hear art. I also love being able to walk outside and experience true nature and quiet nights,” Says Layne.

When Layne isn’t in her boutique, she loves to collect children’s books. The illustrations of Patience Brewster and her characters were early influences of color, patterns, and textures that Layne would explore through drawings and collages that found their way into her fashion illustrations. She reads everyday as it helps her to name and understand the dresses she is designing. Characters from stories she reads and what they inspire appear subtly in her work and they are her muses when she is without a person to create for.

What Layne loves most about her work is helping others feel their best. “I love uncovering the secrets that clothing has to offer and the power it has to make someone feel as their best self or explore who they want to be. If a Seamstress had a bad day or is new to the craft: The seams have no forgiveness to tell that loudly and clearly. There’s a lot of people in every process of the clothes we wear, houses we build, and food we eat. The challenges in farming something new out of something old or raw is a worthy cause. For me, to be a humanitarian is to design clothing,Says Layne.

Layne is notorious for providing wonderful customer service and exceptional quality. If you are getting married or know someone who is, getting in touch with Layne Dayne at Gee June Bridal could just find you the perfect gown.

To learn more about Layne and Gee June Bridal, visit the store at 110 West Green in Press Bay Court and follow the shop on Instagram @gee.june.bridal. Make sure to visit her at the Winter Wedding Showcase on February 24, hosted by the Sweet Bough Wedding Collective.



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