Meet Nicole Pagano at Green Street Pharmacy

Meet Nicole Pagano at Green Street Pharmacy

Looking to meet a passionate store owner who loves making a difference in the community? Head to Green Street Pharmacy and meet Nicole Pagano, who is always ready to meet customers with a smile and help with anything they might need.

“I love interacting with people the most and hearing their stories,” Nicole said. “That has become more difficult as the store gets busier, but I am working to get back to that point. I love when people come back and tell me their situation has improved. Every little success story fuels me.”

Nicole is originally from Waterloo, NY. After she graduated from pharmacy school, she got a job with Wegmans which led her to the Southern Tier. A family member was approached by the DIA and the city of Ithaca to open a pharmacy downtown and he asked if she would be willing to run it. She accepted, and it was supposed to be a temporary position for up to 2 years, but she fell in love with Ithaca and the people they serve here. When her cousin decided to sell after 2 years, she didn’t hesitate to buy it from him. Nicole has now worked at the pharmacy for 9 years, and owned it for the last 7.

“I love my customers and what we do here at Green Street Pharmacy. I appreciate the opportunity to serve this amazing community and I enjoy the diverse people I encounter everyday,” Nicole said. “I love what an accepting community this is. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to truly serve the underserved. I love that through this business we can provide community outreach and other non-pharmacy related services to those in need, such as pay it forward, Narcan training, and education sessions on medication safety.”

Nicole explains a product to one of her customers at Green Street Pharmacy.

Nicole loves that she knows almost every single person that comes through the door, and she loves that every customer is treated as a person, not a number. The people walking through the door get treated to a great experience, whether it is the one-of-a-kind old fashioned soda fountain with homemade sodas and ice cream, to grab an affordable, delicious cup of coffee, or to pick up their prescription.

Green Street Pharmacy makes home visits when necessary and offers free delivery to residents of the city of Ithaca. They participate in the Urgent Rx program and pay it forward to help those when they need it the most. They also work very closely with Catholic Charities to provide necessary items to community members. Nicole makes it her mission to make an impact on the community however she can.

When Nicole isn’t at the pharmacy you can see her running around town, whether that be literally as she has run many half marathons, or to a DIA Board meeting, in which she is the chair of the operations committee. She also  loves spending time with her husband and three sons when she isn’t at work. 

Besides her three sons, her greatest accomplishment is keeping a small independent pharmacy open for 9 years in a downtown area with numerous chain pharmacies within a mile of the store. She is proud of the way her and her staff have managed to continue to provide incredible healthcare despite all of the obstacles.

“Ithaca is a kind and accepting community and the perfect place to serve the patient population I enjoy so much. Pharmacy, and healthcare in general, is becoming so “numbers” oriented. I love having the ability to care for the people living in this community.”

To learn more about Nicole and Green Street Pharmacy, visit them at 131 E Green St in downtown Ithaca. 


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