Meet Zack Fischl at F. Oliver’s

Meet Zack Fischl at F. Oliver’s

Want to meet one of Downtown Ithaca’s most outgoing personalities? Look no further than F. Oliver’s manager Zack Fischl who is always ready to treat customers to the rare experience of vinegar and oil tasting when he’s working at the specialty shop.

“I love to be the link between people and something delicious and special to them. We help everyone from the most inexperienced cook to masters of the kitchen, all while providing a space for open, fun conversation about food. In such a multicultural community it is extremely satisfying to provide wonderfully fresh ingredients from all over the world while also partnering with local producers to enhance the food of the seasons that inspire them and embrace our local ecosystem,” says Fischl who’s been working at F. Oliver’s since May 2014.

Zack first encountered F. Oliver’s when he was looking for food and flavor ideas that went beyond his traditional meat and potatoes cooking.  He found F. Oliver’s was a great place to explore and a fun place to work. He started off as an employee at the Skaneateles site and then became manager of the Ithaca location in 2016.

At F. Oliver’s, shoppers can find an enormous selection of specialty vinegar, extra virgin and specialty olive oils that come in multiple flavors, along with shelves filled with many types of spices. Of course, Zack is more than happy to tell you the best use of each item.  

Zack talks to a customer about the different kinds of vinegar and oils that are available at F. Oliver’s.

“I really enjoy customer service and sales and F. Oliver’s provides an easy atmosphere to meld those two things together. F. Oliver’s provides a great link between cooking enthusiasts, ultra-premium cooking ingredients and the Finger Lakes regional culinary bounty. As a Finger Lakes local, independently owned small business, F. Oliver’s really embraces the values that make Ithaca a special community while staying current with food, nutrition and health culture to be a source of information for food lovers and health-conscious customers alike,” says Zack

Relatively new to home cooking, Zack is especially drawn to educating the novice cook, someone who isn’t technically trained or even very experienced. He has tons of tips and tricks to share that make home cooking healthy, flavorful, and fun.

“I think a lot of people are comfortable getting cooking advice from someone who is at the same level as they are,”  he says.

Fischl moved to the Ithaca area from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, a suburb north of Philadelphia, after some of his family members — a brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew and parents — moved to New York state. He quickly became a huge fan of the small city.

“Ithaca is a great combination of fun, exciting downtown bustle, and beautiful, peaceful nature. With endless restaurants, bars and breweries only minutes from nature trails and waterfalls, Ithaca provides a great environment for anyone looking for a great experience. Downtown is a great place to work because it is always the center of activity. Working on The Commons allows me to be in the middle of all the action from events, concerts, and festivals. Whether I am participating for fun or with F. Oliver’s, it is very easy to find fun and excitement during and after the workday,” says Zack.

To learn more about Zack and F. Oliver’s, visit the Ithaca location at 154 E. State St., on the Commons pedestrian mall. 


The Faces of Downtown Ithaca

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