NEW! Valet Parking downtown

Want to drive downtown and not worry about where to park? 
Starting Thursday, March 2nd, valet parking is coming to Downtown Ithaca. The Downtown Ithaca Alliance (DIA) announced that a pilot valet parking program will be tested during the month of March.
The valet parking program is made possible through the assistance of two major Downtown hotels—the Ithaca Marriott and the Hilton Garden Inn. Both hotels operate valet parking services for their own patrons but have agreed to work with the DIA on a community valet parking program for anyone using Downtown.
The pilot program will be available on Downtown’s busiest days- Thursday through Sunday between the hours of noon and 10:00 pm.
Using the valet parking program is simple. Simply drive up to the curb at the entrance of either the Ithaca Marriott on Aurora Street or the Hilton Garden Inn on Seneca Street. Valet staff from the hotel will ask if you are a hotel or community guest and take your car from that point. When you return, simply come to the same drop off place with your valet stub and staff will retrieve your vehicle.
The price for this special service is $3.00 per hour. Each hotel has its own all day or overnight rate.
The pilot program will last the entire month of March and continuation will be evaluated at that time.
Valet Hours: Valet Rate: Valet Locations:
Thurs. – Sun. $3/hr. Ithaca Marriott Downton on the Commons
12PM – 10PM Hilton Garden Inn
Drive up to the hotel entrance, and look for a parking attendant or see an attendant at the front desk.
Additional Questions about the program, call the Downtown Ithaca Alliance at (607) 277-8679.