November Gallery Night

Gallery Night Ithaca set to amaze this Friday

We Are Ithaca portraits project and RESIST! exhibit part of this month’s tour

Downtown Ithaca is thrilled to announce that this month’s Gallery Night will feature an impressive array of artworks including a community-orientated photography project, some politically motivated artworks, and Ithaca College student performances. Gallery Night is set for Friday, Nov. 3 from 5 to 8 p.m. at more than two dozen locations on and around The Commons.

For the photogenic types, We Are Ithaca, the latest portrait project organized by director and photographer Robyn Wishna, will be set up at the Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA), 330 E. State St. During Gallery Night, guests are invited to have Wishna create their portrait for use in this project.

Wishna will use the power of photography to engage diverse communities within Ithaca in dialogue and celebration of the area’s complex identity. In addition, Wishna will record one- to two-minute-long videos that will allow viewers to familiarize themselves with Ithacans. More details about We Are Ithaca are available at

The CSMA will also display a cultural exhibit, Balcon Criolla Ithaca, that is sure to spice up your evening. This cultural exhibit is an installation of Latin and Latin-American items collected from the homes of community members from Tompkins County and beyond. Balcon Criolla is organized by CULTURA Ithaca in partnership with CSMA and La Casita Cultural Center in Syracuse.

Once you’ve been professionally photographed and experienced some Latin culture at CSMA, head to Ten Forward Cafe, located on the second floor of Autumn Leaves Books, for Christine Finnigan’s and Geri Keil’s “Resist!” exhibit.  For their pieces, the two artists used watercolors and other media to demonstrate their views regarding the current political climate and global warming.The exhibit consists of 12 small political cartoons and nine larger paintings, posters & banners.


One of the 12 paintings in the RESIST! exhibit that will be on display at Ten Forward Cafe during Downtown Ithaca’s November Gallery Night.

“The inspiration for these artworks came from the feeling that one cannot in good conscience sit idly by saying nothing while the planet disastrously warms with catastrophic consequences for so many or while our so-called leadership undoes all the good stewardship of the Obama administration to serve only the wealthy few. Its so easy to be busy with your life and not speak out but as artists, we feel we must speak out in the most viable way we can,” says Finnigan.

As guests continue through the walkable tour, they will have the opportunity to participate in the grand opening of Caleb Harrington’s shop, Nothing Nowhere, a pop-up retailer temporarily located in Boxy Bikes, 118 W. State St., in Press Bay Alley. Nothing Nowhere sells handcrafted items, many of them created by the highly skilled, young innovators at Ithaca Generator, a community-operated, high-tech, low-brow workshop. Stop by to celebrate with Harrington and review the shop’s collection of leather accessories, hand-carved spoons, handpainted dining ware and more!

Sunny Days of Ithaca is also hosting a celebration. The gift store will feature some very special activities and items in honor of Ithaca College’s 125th anniversary. In recognition of the college’s history of helping to deliver fine artists of all types in the world, Sunny Days is hosting a collaboration of talented IC students and alums who produce many forms of art.

Starting at 5:30 p.m., IC alum Claire Wilcox (’13) will kick off the celebration with a knitting activity. She invites the public to bring their knitting needles to participate in “knit and reminisce.”  Other IC alums, including Emily Wilcox (’16), Alex Kemp (’16) and Nicholas Lawson Carbonaro (’02), Hal Guitarist (’17), Emma Scheneman (’21) and Grace Dashaw (’21) will also demonstrate their artistic skills throughout the evening.

Though the Gallery Night tour focuses on viewing handcrafted artwork, visitors are encouraged to stop at Circus Culture for its performance art piece, Around the Ring Cabaret. This circus arts featurette will showcase performers of all ages and many disciplines soaring above the ground or bound off of it.  The show starts and 7:30 p.m. and refreshments will be available afterward.

Additional Gallery Night exhibits will be available at more than a dozen other locations in the downtown area. Visit to learn more about the participating locations and artists.

Gallery Night is funded in part by the Community Arts Partnership Decentralization Grant and is organized by the Downtown Ithaca Alliance. The DIA is proud to welcome WITH 90.1 as its new media sponsor.