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Chandra Russell photography

Chandra Russell

Wellness of mind, body, and spirit are all dependent on the quality of water. My photos for this show at Padma intend to honor the magnificence of the water element in its three forms and how each dances differently with light. Capturing the raw essence of light is also respecting the depth of the shadow.

I’m grateful to be sharing this experience with Andy Farnham. All my images were taken within the Finger Lakes region.

Andrew Farnham painting

Andrew Farnham paintings will be on display at Padma Center during May’s Gallery Night.

Andrew Farnham

I generally draw or paint from a reference image except when painting abstracts which are done freehand from what comes to mind.  When painting from a reference I do not look to replicate a painting but I sketch the general outline and then refer to the subject from time to time.  Similarly, I do not attempt to strictly replicate the color of the reference piece but rather I like to use bright colors: reds, oranges, and yellows that sometimes are not even present in the subject I am painting. My artwork generally falls into four areas: photo pieces, landscape paintings, abstracts, and portraits. I particularly like the process of taking photographs of landscapes and then painting my own “impression” of the photo.

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