Meet Sharon Costianes at Flight Performing Arts

Sharon at Flight Performing Arts

To become a noticeable singer in the Finger Lakes’ heavily saturated performance arts scene, one needs to spend a lot of time honing high-quality vocal skills.  

Fortunately for local performance artists, one of the best vocal coaches in the region, Sharon Costianes, teaches closeby.

Costianes, an Ithaca College alum, has nearly 20 years of vocal teaching experience. She uses her expertise to coach many of the area’s youth who want to perform with Running to Places, a youth community theatre group, and other theatre groups. 

In 2018, Costianes founded Flight Performing Arts, a multidisciplinary business in the historic Donovan Building in downtown Ithaca where youth and adults can learn the latest performance arts techniques from Costianes and from her highly talented and skillful staff. 

Sharon teaching vocal lessons to a student

Sharon teaches vocal lessons to a student at Flight Performing Arts.

Costianes chose Ithaca as a place to start her business because she she says she simply fell in love with the community during her time as an Ithaca College student.

“I did manage to move away for a couple of years while I began my Feldenkrais Method training, but as they say… all roads lead to Ithaca. I like that I can walk down to Press Bay Alley or onto the Commons and see so many unique businesses and diverse people in our community,” says Costianes who became an Ithaca resident in 2003.  “When it became clear that the next phase of my work would include offering training in singing, acting, and dance under one roof with a combined focus on musical theater and healthy artistry, the choice was clear. I love being in the heart of the downtown community.” 

Flight Performing Arts’ students have access to truly superior instruction with a common focus and goal of sustainable, healthy artistry. Beyond that, Costianes creates a warm and nurturing community in which students are challenged and grow.

Costianes demonstrates her extreme investment in helping students achieve their performance arts goals by teaching classes and private lessons late into the evening hours at Flight Performing Arts. 

“I’m here day and night to teach anyone who truly wants to learn proper vocal techniques. I love that moment when my students come alive with expression and realize how incredibly powerful they are as performing artists,” says Costianes. 

When Costianes isn’t busy working at Flight Performing Arts or spending time with her family, she can be found singing with Ephemera, a local vocal Improvisation group, networking with local businesswomen to offer mutual support, or teaching people better body movement techniques at Body Song — her Feldenkrais practice. She is also a member of the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca and is connected with the local herbalist network. 

To learn more about Costianes and the services available at Flight Performing Arts, visit

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