Winter Lights Presented by Tompkins Trust Company

About the Light Installations


Interactive Light Projection onto Trolley Circle

The interactive illumination onto Trolley Circle was created by Doug Shire and Laurence Clarkberg.  The projected illumination will span the space of the metal inlay sculpture of trolley tracks at Trolley Circle.  The illumination is interactive and the colorful projected images will change and react as people pass through the projected image.

Snowman Projections onto the Tompkins Trust Financial Building

Festive Snowmen will dance upon the Tompkins Trust Financial Building throughout Winter Lights & Bites.  The light projection was created by Doug Shire & Laurence Clarkberg.

Laser Light Projection at the Rothschild Building - under the Pasta Vitto Restaurant Awning


Downtown Ithaca LED Holiday Tree

      • Located at the Water Fountain in Bank Alley

This year, Downtown Ithaca added a new, color-changing LED Holiday Tree.  Measuring approximately 15' in height, the tree is illuminated from every square inch of the tree.  Enjoy the colorful changing patterns as it rotates through every color of the rainbow!

Harmonic Lotus Temple

      • Located at Cayuga Street on the Ithaca Commons

The giant Lotus flower reacts to sounds made by passers-by and by music that can be played on a sound system. It is visually spectacular and engages participation without the visitor-participant needing to touch the exhibit.  The partial enclosure for the Lotus flower allows participants to step out of the weather for a moment, while the laser-etched acrylic panels forming the sides add visual beauty and interest.

Sparky the Unicorn

      • Located at the Bernie Milton Pavilion

Sparky - a Unicorn with his own webpage (VISIT HERE) is the flagship creation of the lead artists and is visually spectacular, containing over 6000 color changing LEDs.  Sparky is also a giant puppet, with articulated legs and head; a sound system is also mounted to provide music, and the entire installation is built on a mobile, bicycle-powered platform.