C.S.P. Management

C.S.P. Management is a full-service property management firm started by Jerry Dietz in 1990. C.S.P. Management currently manages apartment units in downtown Ithaca, Trumansburg, Dryden, Cortland, and surrounding areas.

Phone Number: 607-275-4987

Ithaca Renting Company

The Ithaca Renting Company offers apartment, office, and retail space in downtown Ithaca and surrounding communities.

Phone Number: 607-273-5862

Purplefish Properties

Purplefish Properties, located in Ithaca, is a real estate company that provides services such as green home sales, real estate photography, real estate appraisals, and home sales.

Phone Number: 1-607-275-7488

Pyramid Brokerage Company

Pyramid Brokerage Company has the people and resources to help you sell or buy property. Pyramid Brokerage Company offers advisory services, brokerage services, property management services, hospitality services, receivership services, and more.

Phone Number: 607-277-2327

Tompkins County Department of Assessment
The Tompkins County Department of Assessment is dedicated to ensuring that all properties are assessed at a uniform percentage of market value. The Tompkins County Department of Assessment is always available to assist you in any way it can.

Phone Number: 607-274-5517

Travis Hyde Properties

Travis Hyde Properties leases apartments, office, and retail space in downtown Ithaca and the surrounding community. Please see the website below for information on available properties.

Phone Number: 607-273-1654

Warren Real Estate

Warren Real Estate is a local family business that can help you buy or sell your home. Warren Real Estate has a large database of available properties in the surrounding areas.

Phone Number: 607-257-0666

Tompkins Cortland Real Estate

Tompkins Cortland Real Estate specializes in veteran’s home purchases and mortgages as well as the purchase and sale of mobile homes.

Phone Number: 1-607-898-3456