Our Hearts Beat As One gift Card Promotion

A Way To Say Thank You for Your Support

Downtown Ithaca Alliance has put together a stimulus marketing opportunity to help incent online or tele-sales, and gift certificate sales at downtown retail shops who found meaningful ways to conduct business and provide sales to customers despite being deemed nonessential and having to close their doors to the general public.

The program is simple. We want to help motivate the local community and people genuinely concerned with helping our local businesses make online purchases and buy gift cards for future sales in-store when our community can resume daily functions.

Downtown Ithaca Alliance will issue and give to businesses deemed nonessential 10-15 Downtown Ithaca gift cards in the amount of $5 each at no charge to the participating businesses. These $5 gift cards are to be used with the express purpose of rewarding customers who shop at your business with an additional perk or motivating incentive to make a purchase. A way of saying, “Thank you” for supporting our local business during our time in need. Please read the following guidelines below before clicking through the link to register.

Guidelines for Participation in the Gift Card Program:

While we would love to say this is a promotion with limitless possibilities, there is only a finite amount of funding available to issue the cards and make them available to all of our downtown businesses.

In order to participate in this program and for your business to receive these gift cards to use as purchase incentives, you must be able to meet the following good faith requirements.

  • Your business must be deemed a nonessential business.  
  • Be advised this is a first come first served program with limited quantities/resources.
  • Your business must be able to implement the gift card incentive program into its sales model immediately.  They cannot be reserved for a promotional giveaway when nonessential businesses are allowed to re-open. They cannot be used retroactively to reward purchases in the past week.  
  • You must come up with a purchase model that qualifies the gift and justifies a purchase reward.

For example: Receive a $5 Downtown Ithaca Gift Card that can be used for a future purchase at over 100 shops and restaurants in Downtown Ithaca when you make any online purchase of $25.00 or more at our online store, over the phone, or purchase a (your name here) gift card.

  • You must complete an application form to help us prepare and promote which businesses are giving away these cards with purchase.  
  • You provide a list of the purchases that qualified for the incentive - date, time, amount and type of purchase is sufficient. This is important for helping us to track economic behavior during the pandemic and it will be aggregated with other regional impact studies.
  • If you do not use all allocated pre-made $5 gift cards provided to you by Downtown Ithaca Alliance, before you are allowed to re-open, you promise to return the unused cards as soon as possible.

We anticipate a waiting list, and any cards you are unable to give out, we will try to transfer to other businesses on a waiting list. We appreciate your willingness to work with us on this guideline in order to help your fellow shop keepers downtown.

  • Please be considerate of other businesses in need.  We will do our best to distribute these in limited quantities to as many nonessential businesses currently conducting limited business. Consider those businesses that are not.  They may need this program more than yours.
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