Store Security During Mandated Closures for COVID-19

Recommended Safety Checklist for your place of business during COVID-19

If your store is closed until further notice and you are not checking your storefront regularly, please make sure you have taken steps necessary to insure your facility is secure.

  1. Make sure ALL doors and windows are locked.
  2. Remove ALL cash and items of extreme value from your place of business, both at the register and also in any back-office space. 
  3. Contact the Non-emergency 911 Dispatch Center: (607) 272-3245  and provide them with the most up to date emergency contact information.
  4. Make sure your security cameras or security system, make sure they are working properly if you have them.  If cameras are on a WiFi system, check the cameras regularly to make sure they are continuously connected and have not lost signal.
  5. Put mail on hold, forward to a home address, or regularly collect accumulated mail.
  6. Keep lights on. Use light timers if you have them. 
  7. Remove any valuable items from window displays or items you are concerned about.
  8. If you or a staff member are able to check in on the storefront - keeping mindful of social distancing guidelines - do so.  Regularly check all doors and windows are still locked. Remove any accumulated mail or newspapers at the door.  
  9. Continue to check your shop email and respond to customers.
  10. Additional item for safety considerations:
    • Check that your store insurance policy is up to date with inventory assessment of what is in store.
    • If something should happen, you can not claim for IPD continues to monitor Downtown.  If you have questions, please call the non-emergency number provided above (607) 272-3245.

Additional Recommendations

Downtown Ithaca Alliance staff is routinely in touch with other districts for ideas and  information sharing.  Here is a one-sheet put together by Yonge Street District in Canada and the security steps/guidelines they have shared with their merchants.  We are sharing with you because we found it well laid-out and had helpful recommendations.

Yonge Street Safety Steps One-Sheet

Is Your Emergency Contact Info Up To Date with the Ithaca Police?

Contact the Non-emergency 911 Dispatch Center for Ithaca:

(607) 272-3245 

Provide them with the most up to date emergency contact information.

The Ithaca Police Department will continue to provide routine surveillance of the downtown area during COVID-19.