The Seabring Inn / Eat The Foood

The Seabring Inn / Eat The Foood joins the Cook-Off all the way from Newfield!
“No crazy gimmicks or twists, this chili is made with the time and care that it deserves, the same way we make all of our food. Sabine is our ingredient! Boy, can she cook!”
Serving: Meat Chili
Description: The Seabring Inn/Eat the Foood will feature a classic smoked brisket chili slow cooked together with our secret blend of toasted chili peppers which include Chipotle, Ancho, and Pastilla chilis with the option to add fixing like cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, hot sauce, and diced onions.
Allergens: Chili is gluten-free and can be dairy free, but does contain meat. No vegetarian or vegan options.
Spicy Level: Chili will be medium 🌶🌶
330a Sebring Rd, Newfield, NY 14867
Monday – Sunday 12pm – 10pm