2020 Strategic Plan

    The Downtown Ithaca Alliance's Ten-Year Development Strategy - also known as the 2020 Strategic Plan - serves as a blueprint for downtown growth and development from the period 2010 - 2020. The 2020 Strategic Plan's goal is to provide a vision for the future of downtown Ithaca and to identify the necessary steps to realize this vision.

    The 2020 Strategic Plan outlines the underlying "big ideas" that guide downtown Ithaca policy decisions. It recommends specific quantitate and qualitative goals for the next ten years. It details action steps and items that need to be undertaken to realize the 2020 vision for downtown Ithaca. The 2020 Strategic Plan will identify potential development sites and recommendations for downtown zoning amendments.

    The 2020 Strategic Plan was first prepared in 2009 and later revised in 2010. It was adopted by the Downtown Ithaca Alliance Board of Directors and and endorsed by the City of Ithaca Common Council in 2010. The 2020 Strategic Plan consists of eighteen (18) separate categories; each category has its own action items, tasks, and policies.

    2030 Strategic Plan

    The Downtown Ithaca Alliance is getting ready to embark on developing it's 2030 plan.  The process will kick off later this year, involving input and ideas from a series meetings with community stakeholders and interests groups spanning outward into the county.  

    More details and scheduled public meetings, surveys, and updates about the process and plan will be posted here coming soon.