Meet Sharon Costianes at Flight Performing Arts

Sharon at Flight Performing Arts

To become a noticeable singer in the Finger Lakes’ heavily saturated performance arts scene, one needs to spend a lot of time honing high-quality vocal skills.   Fortunately for local performance artists, one of the best vocal coaches in the region, Sharon Costianes, teaches closeby. Costianes, an Ithaca College alum, has nearly 20 years of vocal teaching experience. She uses her … Read More

Meet Marc Luchs at Odyssey Wellness

Meet Marc Luchs at Odyssey Wellness If you’re living with pain and/or struggling with the symptoms of a medical condition, or simply looking for a way to help you relax, you’re likely a perfect candidate for acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medical technique in which practitioners stimulate specific points on the body—most often by inserting thin needles through the skin. Cornell … Read More

Meet Scott Dolphin and Stephanie Hayes at Breathe

At Breathe, Scott Dolphin, owner, and the shop’s Store Manager Stephanie Hayes go above and beyond to ensure the customers have an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience. The pair offer exceptional customer service and they keep the shop extremely well organized and fully stocked with the most stylish and comfortable women’s apparel and accessories that money can buy including designs from Lucky Brand, NYDJ, Kut Jeans, CP Shades, Flax and Neon Buddha. 

Meet Polly Wood at Toko Imports

Armed with her education, stellar drumming skills, and extensive knowledge of percussion instruments, especially African drums, Polly Wood unknowingly became the prime candidate to succeed Toko Imports longtime owner Tom Kozlowski.

Meet Mary Beth Larsen at Handwork

Meet Mary Beth Larsen at Handwork It’s no secret, or, at least it shouldn’t be, Ithaca is home to many highly talented artisans. In fact, you can find dozens of these extremely skilled craftspeople at Handwork, Ithaca’s Artisan Cooperative. This cooperative, owned and operated by its members, started in 1976 by 12 local artisans. It has since grown to 45 … Read More

Meet Shawn Erwin at Pasta Vitto

When you’re starving after a day-long trip around Ithaca, a hearty portion of comfort food such as a plate full of pasta covered in thick homemade sauce sounds pretty good, right? “It’s certainly one of my favorite foods to eat,” says Shawn Edwin, general manager at Pasta Vitto, a new Italian restaurant that opened in October 2018 on the Commons. … Read More

Meet Deirdre Kurzweil at Sunny Days

Meet Deirdre Kurzweil at Sunny Days Sometimes you don’t realize how much you love Ithaca until you move away from it. Such was the case for Sunny Days of Ithaca owner Deirdre Kurzweil. She lived in Ithaca during her college years but then moved to Baltimore, Maryland to pursue a career in marketing research. She also owned a toy store … Read More

Meet Tim Gray at Comics for Collectors

Tim Gray talking with a customer

Before the stories between superheroes, superheroines, and villains became movie box office smashes, our only means of learning about their epic tales was by reading comic books.  Even now, to truly know the stories of these fictional figures, fans have to turn to the sequential juxtaposed panels of a comic book. So, how to get your hands on these stories?  At Central New York’s oldest comic book store, Comics for Collectors.