Meet Joan Reuning at Fibers 

Joan standing in Fibers

Meet Joan Reuning at Fibers  Fashion designer, entrepreneur, musician, and more For those who enjoy a bit (or a lot) of style that makes a statement in their life, you must meet Joan Reuning, an extremely talented fashion designer. She has more than 30 years of experience handcrafting stylish garments for women. Reuning is the proud owner of Fibers, a … Read More

Meet Verity Woitach at V’s Salon 

Since Verity Woitach was a teenager, she dreamed of becoming a master hairstylist and opening her own salon.

Verity studied cosmetology while attending Ithaca High School to achieve these goals, and she accrued nearly 20 years of experience as a licensed hairstylist. (That’s a lot of hair maintenance!). She’s spent half her career working at her friend Akoko’s salon, Akoko@Ithacacuts, on Cayuga Street.

Meet Curt Bayer and Bethany Baker at One World Market

Curt Bayer and Bethany Baker at One World Market

Meet Curt Bayer and Bethany Baker at One World Market One World Market is one of downtown’s most fascinating and unique shops on the Commons. When you step inside this specialty store, you are in for a worldly experience.  As you browse through two floors of hundreds of items, you’ll find many fair-trade, cultural crafts & housewares handcrafted by artisan … Read More

Meet Jennifer Clark and staff at Lucky Hare Brewing Company’s taproom

Lucky Hare Brewing Company staff

Meet Jennifer Clark and the staff at Lucky Hare Brewing Company Warmer weather is coming soon which means Lucky Hare Brewing Company’s team is hard at work preparing an assortment of refreshing adult beverages to offer at its taproom in Downtown Ithaca. For nearly four years, Lucky Hare Brewing has been producing high-quality farm brewed beer at its brewery in … Read More

Meet Christopher DelCollo at The Brain Shoppe

Man standing among various types of puzzles

If you love challenging your mind while simultaneously having fun, then you’ll enjoy what’s in store for you at The Brain Shoppe, one of downtown Ithaca’s newest stores. Located on the Commons (look for the giant green brain on the storefront window) since July 2019, The Brain Shoppe offers a grand selection of wooden and metal puzzles, code games, STEM … Read More

Meet Cindy Brashear at Cobblers Cottage

Cindy Brashear, owner of Cobblers Cottage, standing among the shop's winter boots collection.

Meet Cindy Brashear at Cobblers Cottage Locating a store where you can find comfortable yet stylish footwear for daily use or special events and receive stellar customer service to help you accomplish this task can be a challenge. But, it doesn’t have to be. Cue in Cobblers Cottage, where you’ll find a variety of the latest brand name, quality made … Read More

Meet Adrina Graham at Adrina Dietra

Ever since Adrina Graham was a child she had an inkling that she was destined to be a fashion creator. As a little girl, she custom styled her dolls’ outfits, and, as she matured, she was often sketching clothing designs. And, she simply dreamed of creating and selling her sketched creations when she became an adult. To further nurture her … Read More

Meet Robbie Dein at American Crafts by Robbie Dein

Meet Robbie Dein, founder and owner of American Crafts by Robbie Dein Anyone familiar with the Ithaca area knows it’s filled with many talented artisans who double as business folks.  Among them is Robbie Dein, founder and owner of American Crafts by Robbie Dein, who grew as an artist and entrepreneur while living in this artsy community.  Robbie, a southern … Read More

Meet Scott Dolphin and Stephanie Hayes at Breathe

For some, clothes shopping is an unfavorable task, but it shouldn’t be. And, there are plenty of shops in Downtown Ithaca, such as Breathe, a women’s clothing and accessories shop, that make shopping enjoyable because the shopkeeps recognize that everyone can use a bit of retail therapy. As a former resident of New York City; you know, that big city … Read More

Meet Stacey Payette at Sheldon Hill Vintage Jewelry 

Meet Stacey Payette at Sheldon Hill Vintage Jewelry  It’s rare to find someone who has the skills it takes to properly recognize an authentic and high-quality piece of antique or vintage jewelry. Downtown Ithaca is fortunate to have such a person in Stacey Payette, founder and owner of Sheldon Hill Vintage Jewelry. STACEY INSPECTS A VINTAGE RING. “I work with … Read More