Meet Christopher DelCollo at The Brain Shoppe

Man standing among various types of puzzles

If you love challenging your mind while simultaneously having fun, then you’ll enjoy what’s in store for you at The Brain Shoppe, one of downtown Ithaca’s newest stores.

Located on the Commons (look for the giant green brain on the storefront window) since July 2019, The Brain Shoppe offers a grand selection of wooden and metal puzzles, code games, STEM kits, windup toys and much more for children and adults. There’s even a puzzle table where you can sample the different games and puzzles that are available in the shop.

Local web developer Christopher DelCollo is The Brain Shoppe’s founder.

“I wanted to create a destination and experience that tourists will remember, and that locals will appreciate,” says DelCollo. “It’s so fun to see the burst of joy people get when solving one of our demo puzzles. This happens every day.”

Game demonstration at The Brain Shoppe

Christopher DelCollo, owner of The Brain Shoppe, demonstrates how to figure out one of the puzzles in the specialty store.

DelCollo hails from New Jersey and came to the Ithaca area in 1994 to study communications at Ithaca College (IC). After graduating from IC, he decided to stay in the area because he was impressed and inspired by the number of intelligent individuals who live in and visit downtown.

“I couldn’t imagine locating the Brain Shoppe anywhere but the Commons. Ithaca is a smart city and all the action is happening downtown. It’s such a lively place and I love meeting the interesting people who live in and visit the area.

When DelCollo isn’t busy selling brainteasers, he can be found developing websites at Ancient Wisdom Productions (AWP), a web design and marketing company, also located in downtown Ithaca. DelCollo is the president of this company and founded the businesses 15 years ago. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

For more information about Christoper DelCollo and The Brain Shoppe, you can visit the store at 210 The Commons or check out the shop’s website at You can also find The Brain Shoppe on Facebook at and on Instagram.

The Faces of Downtown Ithaca

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