Meet Kristin Dutcher at Hair•Color•Art

Meet Kristin Dutcher at Hair•Color•Art

Looking to add some intense color to your look? Or how how about a new blow out? Or a perfect art piece to tie the room together? Luckily, you can find all three of those offerings and more expertly done in Downtown Ithaca’s Press Bay Court at Hair•Color•Art. Once you enter you will see the stunning views of art, both in the space and in the stylings that patrons receive done by independent stylist and owner Kristin Dutcher.

Kristin is originally from Binghamton, NY and previously worked in New York City and San Diego as a professional hairstylist before returning to the area. She chose Ithaca because it was close to her family in Binghamton and Ithaca seemed like a great place to raise her children and continue her career. She loves that it’s a beautiful area and community that inspires her.

Kristin has been a hairstylist for 19 years, self employed for 7 of the last 10, with the last 2 being branded as Hair•Color•Art. Kristin says that the unique opportunity that was presented really urged her to open in her current space, which officially opened this winter. “Press Bay Alley and Court really inspired me to want to open. The place has an amazing, artistic vibe and it seemed just right for me and my business. I have been building relationships with other local business owners and I have been planning this business idea for 10 years.  I have been waiting for the universe to align and it finally did,” Kristin says. Kristin and Hair•Color•Art were also a runner-up for Downtown Ithaca’s Race for the Space II Contest.

Art on the floor of Hair•Color•Art done by Owner and Stylist Kristin Dutcher.

What Kristin loves about her business the most is the people and clients she works with. “I really enjoy making people happy and helping them feel good about themselves. I have always cared a lot about my hair! I’ve been coloring it myself since I was 14 years old and still do today! I just love giving people what they want and doing it in the best way possible. “Look good, feel good”!”, she says.

She has been working in the industry for a long time, and that as allowed her to realize how special her business is. “I have experience working in salons in big cities across the country. My salon is Hijab friendly and I offer facepainting and temporary tattoo application for kids!  My salon is also an art gallery and I plan to have rotating art on the walls and have interactive art events throughout the year. I strive to create a really inspiring and fun place to be – a real experience!” Kristin says.

Krisitin credits her greatest accomplishment, getting the business to where it is today, to the incredible journey she has had and the support system that has helped get her here. “I am a mother of 3 and a girlfriend to 1 –  I have a big family and they have been an incredible help through this process. Especially to keep pushing me and be my cheerleaders. My boyfriend Bryan and I created and self-published a coloring book called “Fun Facts”. I have worked at Wine and design in Ithaca, uncorked creations in Binghamton and Cortland,  and I have worked and coordinated after school art enrichment classes at Fall Creek elementary School.”

Located in Downtown Ithaca at Press Bay Court, Hair•Color•Art provides intense color, blow outs, and special packages, as well as doubling as an art gallery. Check out the art on the floor and throughout the space, which Kristin did all of herself. Kristin loves her location, and when asked her favorite part of working downtown she responded, “The people! The food!  Clients and other business owners alike! It’s alive and has everything my clients and I need!”

Although it plays a huge part in her work, when Kristin isn’t at the salon she is working on art and looking at other art for inspiration. “I am an artist and have been my whole life. I love creating artwork, looking at artwork and helping involve people I know! Every night I try to work on a project, whether it’s sketching or painting on glass or paper or canvas. Other people’s artwork is so inspiring to me! Having the art on the walls while I am creating works of art on people’s heads is a dream come true. This is really just who I am “Hair•Color•Art”!!”

Kristin is known for her incredible art, unique salon, and inspiring personality. It shows in the way she has repeat customers and people constantly popping in just to say hi. If you are looking for a new look, a new piece of art, or just to meet a great member of the downtown community, make sure to pay her a visit in Press Bay Court!

To learn more about Kristin Dutcher and Hair•Color•Art, visit the space at 110 West Green Street in Press Bay Court and follow her on Instagram



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