Meet Robbie Dein, owner of American Crafts by Robbie Dein

Anyone familiar with the Ithaca area knows it’s filled with many talented artisans who double as business folks.  Among them is Robbie Dein, founder and owner of American Crafts by Robbie Dein, who grew as an artist and entrepreneur while living in this artsy community.  Robbie, a southern Florida native, is an extremely talented potter who first came to Ithaca … Read More

Meet Mary Beth Larsen at Handwork

Meet Mary Beth Larsen at Handwork It’s no secret, or, at least it shouldn’t be, Ithaca is home to many highly talented artisans. In fact, you can find dozens of these extremely skilled craftspeople at Handwork, Ithaca’s Artisan Cooperative. This cooperative, owned and operated by its members, started in 1976 by 12 local artisans. It has since grown to 45 … Read More

Bettsie Park and Ken Jupiter

In Downtown Ithaca, there’s no shortage of specialty shops carrying high quality, locally crafted goods. Among the community’s top sellers of exquisitely crafted wares made my highly skilled artisans are Bettsie Park and Ken Jupiter, founders and owners of 15 STEPS, a craft and gift shop that is cherished by the community.

Ithacamade Jan Rhodes Norman

Jan Rhodes Norman is one of downtown Ithaca’s truly dedicated retailers. During Jan’s past 40 years as a downtown entrepreneur, she’s developed many specialty shops in the community, including Cat’s Pajamas and Alphabet Soup, a pair of children’s toy stores that still exist today under new ownership;  Sweet Dreams, a Japanese futon furniture; her longest business venture, a men’s women’s and children’s casual clothing line called Silk Oak; and Ithacamade, a gift store located inside of the historic Dewitt Mall where visitors can find handcrafted items made by highly skilled local artisans. This year marks Ithaca’s 10th year in business.